Parents know the anxiety of having a teen driver, and few of us haven’t passed at least one sleepless night as we wait for our child to return safely home. The worries can come crashing down on us as we lie awake in bed: did she buckle up? Is he at a party where there’s alcohol? Will they be able to make it back in this snow storm? Thankfully, Subaru parents are able to rest assured knowing that their children are in especially good hands when it comes to safety, as two awesome new Subaru ads remind us. No wonder that Subaru was recently named 2016’s Most Trusted Brand by Kelley Blue Book.

The New Television Spots

In Subaru’s first ad, we enter the action in media res. A parent has just received that most dreaded of calls: your child has been in an accident. As images of smoking hoods and oil-slick roads fill the screen, we hear a conversation between the parent and the child in voice-over. Luckily—and thanks to her dependable Subaru’s safety features—the child has remained unscathed in the accident, his breathlessness caused instead by the worry that his mother will be upset that he’s damaged the car. “You’re okay: that’s all that matters,” his mother responds.

Much more light-hearted in tone, the second ad focuses on that ever-present tendency of children to put themselves right smack in the middle of harms way. The ad shifts from one child to another as each threatens to do him- or herself serious harm. A first child tries to bring some nun-chucks on a family camping trip, only to be told “You’re not taking that” by his mother. Another child strolls blithely out of the house toting an electric razor—“You’re not taking that,” her dad informs her. A third has his arms out to lift a chainsaw off a garage wall when his father finds him: “You’re not taking that,” Dad says. Then the ad takes a turn: as a son yells to his mother that he’s going to take the family’s Subaru to a friend’s house during a storm, his mother simply replies by saying “Don’t be late,” as a voice-over concludes that “even when we’re not there to keep them safe, our Subaru Outback will be.”


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