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Explore the 2017 Subaru Legacy!

Subaru Legacy On White.png Glenwood Springs Subaru is psyched to offer drivers a truly unparalleled automotive experience in the form of the 2017 Subaru Legacy. In truth, so impressive is the Subaru Legacy that it's difficult to know where to start in enumerating its many strengths. But let's begin with power. On the one hand, the Legacy will give you a choice of engine power, putting at your finger tips two engines. Yet on the other hand, the Legacy also promises absolutely unprecedented fuel efficiency levels as well, enabling you to maximize power as well optimize fuel economy. And that's just the beginning, because the Legacy also comes outfitted with a host of driver assist programs, as well as Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and a Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) device. Add to all of this status as a Partial Emissions Vehicle and a selection of high-quality wheels, and you'll begin to understand our excitement about this car's epic performance capabilities. But at the same time, the Legacy also boasts one of the most spacious, luxuriously accoutered interiors of any car on the market to day, while also coming equipped with stellar technologies to keep you entertained, engaged, informed, and connected, too. For example, the Legacy not only gives you ample space to stretch out as well as leather-trimmed upholstery, but it also features wide versatility, while also delivering a STARLINK Multimedia system, a Harmon Kardon Audio System, and Climate Control. Finally, the Legacy is also decked out with top-performing safety systems, from Eyesight Driver Assist Technology to a 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System, Brake Assist, Vehicle Dynamics Control, a powerful Traction Control System, and Tire Pressure Monitoring System, too. Let's look at each of these areas in some greater detail.


First of all, the Legacy offers drivers legendary power and performance. Whether you're going to be relying on your Subaru to get you to work, to pick up the kids, or to ensure a smooth drive on your next vacation, this car gives you the right engine for the drive, making available two different engines that are as powerful as they are reliable. Meanwhile, you'll never have to sacrifice efficiency to power, because the Legacy boasts an impressive Partial Emissions Status as well as allowing drivers to realize phenomenal efficiency levels. 
Choice Of Engines.jpg

A Choice of Engines

Drivers have different needs-especially drivers in Colorado. But whether you live up in the mountains or down in the city, the Subaru gives you an engine that's right for the job. On the one hand, you can opt for a lighter 2.5L SUBARU BOXER 4-Cylinder engine that generates 175 hp and 174 lb-ft of torque. On the other hand, if you are in need of much more power, you can always select the 3.6L SUBARU BOXER 6-Cylinder engine, which produces a hefty 256 hp and 247 lb-ft of torque, putting an immensity of power at your finger tips.
Excellent Efficiency.jpg

Excellent Efficiency

At the same time, depending on the engine you choose, you're going to be ensured some truly impressive efficiency levels. With the 2.5L, for example, you'll be able to get up to 34 mpg on the highway and up to 25 in the city, meaning that this is the right engine for those of who do most of your driving on the highway. But the 3.6L offers comparably stellar rates of efficiency, too, guaranteeing up to 28 mpg on the highway and as much as 20 in the city, thereby allowing you to maximize both horsepower and mpgs.
Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.jpg

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

With Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, the Legacy is capable of maximizing traction and optimizing control by simply distributing its power to particular wheels and axles. This in turn makes it possible for the car to realize top-notch performance in all conditions, whether you're up in the mountains, down in the city, driving through a snowstorm or enjoying a balmy summer day. Thus, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive gives you unrivaled versatility on the road, promising to make your drive as responsive, reliable, and smooth as possible. 
Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).jpg

Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Along with its Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, the Legacy also comes equipped with a Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission system (or 'CVT' system), which makes available to drivers a 6-speed manual mode and paddle shifters. What this means is that you'll be able to decide whether you want to opt for a manual transmission system or rather automatic transmission, choosing accordingly based on your aims and desires.
Partial Emissions Vehicle Status.jpg

Partial Emissions Vehicle Status

But it just keeps getting better, for in addition to offering a slew of devices to optimize this car's performance, the Legacy also provides one of the greenest drives around. Indeed, in recognition of its eco-friendly performance, the Legacy has been labeled a Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle, meaning that it has zero evaporative emissions from its fuel system while also meeting SULEV tail-pipe-emissions standards and giving drivers a 15-year warranty, too.
High-Quality Wheel Construction.jpg

High-Quality Wheel Construction

Last but least, the Legacy also sports some of the most stunning wheels you'll ever see-17-inch or 18-inch aluminum alloy beauties that ensure 8.7 inches of ground clearance, thereby allowing you to drive in most conditions and terrains without worrying about bottoming out or otherwise threatening the integrity of the car. Not only that, but these wheels combine beauty with functionality, giving the Legacy a dash of panache and allowing you to rest assured that passers-by are going to remember you and your Legacy.

Interior Design

Let's turn from performance to interior design now. For in addition to giving drivers the very best in engine power, efficiency, and performance-boosting systems, the Legacy also complements all its power with a famously comfortable, lavishly decorated cabin that also features some of the most cutting edge technologies available in today's auto market. 

Ample Space.jpg

Ample Space

First of all, the Legacy gives you and your passengers ample space to relax and even stretch out. On the one hand, the Legacy boasts seating for five total passengers, but it also offers as much as 104.6 cubic feet of passenger room, allowing everybody to really settle in for long drives. Meanwhile, the Legacy also gives you an additional 15 cubic feet of cargo space, making it possible for all your passengers to fit their luggage and other cargo into this car during vacation trips.
Leather-Trimmed Upholstery.jpg

Leather-Trimmed Upholstery

Not only will you get a huge amount of space and generous dimensions for both passengers and bags, but the Legacy also promises you an astonishingly fine interior design, with leather-appointed seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and an array of other amenities and perks that strengthen this car's allure and ensure that you're going to receive an unforgettably luxurious experience in the Legacy.


But along with its abundant interior space and its luxurious leather appointing, the Legacy also affords drivers a wide range of choice when it comes to deciding how to apportion this sumptuous space. For example, you'll be able to rely on a 65/35-split fold-down rear seat-back system to maximize volume when you need to, enabling you to keep the seats up when you need to fit as many passengers as possible inside, or pull the seat-backs down when you've got an awful lot of luggage.
STARLINK Multimedia.jpg

STARLINK Multimedia

With the Legacy's advanced STARLINK system, drivers and passengers can plug their smartphones directly into the Legacy, giving you access to your own music, your own messaging services, your own maps, and a range of apps as well. But here's what's super exciting about this: STARLINK can also be voice-activated-meaning that all you have to do is speak to your car to make track selections and pump up the volume-and it features an optional 7-inch touch-screen, too, for more traditional operation.
Harmon Kardon Audio System.jpg

Harmon Kardon Audio System

Speaking of music, the Legacy is also outfitted with an epically powerful Harman Kardon audio system that allows you to choose between a number of speaker sets, each of which gives you powerful, clear, crisp sound. For example, you can go for a Harman Kardon system featuring 12 speakers as well as a 576-watt-equivalent amplifier, or you can just stick with a smaller, but equally impressive audio device in low-level trims.
Climate Control.jpg

Climate Control

Finally, like other Subaru models, the Legacy also comes with a sophisticated dual-zone climate control system that allows you to choose the ideal temperature no matter where you are and what season it is. In the winter, you'll be able to crank the heat up and keep warm as you blow through the snowy roads at higher altitudes, but you can also keep the cabin as cool as possible during those hot summer months.


Last but certainly not least, the Subaru is also fully decked out in all the latest safety systems and devices, featuring a grand array of equipment that is designed to ensure the protection of you and your passengers no matter where you find yourself on the open road. Here are just six of the available safety systems in the new Legacy. 

Eyesight Driver Assist Technology.jpg

Eyesight Driver Assist Technology

Subaru's version of what other companies call Forward Collision Warning, the Legacy's Eyesight Driver Assist Technology features two cameras that are mounted on top of the rearview mirror, making it possible for your Legacy to determine when a collision is probable. When it does conclude that you are in danger, it will alert you to this threat, and, if necessary, even react by applying the brakes in cases when you do not.
4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System an Brake Assist.jpg

4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System an Brake Assist

But in addition to advanced systems like Eyesight Driver Assist, the Legacy also includes a comprehensive assemblage of braking systems. For example, the Legacy gives you an Antilock Braking device as well as a Brake Assist system, making it possible for the vehicle to brake instantaneously when it determines a need to do so. Brake Assist, in particular, heightens your safety by adding a bit of extra force to your braking when the Legacy deems it beneficial.
Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross-traffic Alert.jpg

Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross-traffic Alert

With Blind Spot Detection, the Legacy can keep track of cars that are not currently in your range of vision but still appear close enough to your car to pose a threat. Blind Spot Detection relies on a carefully designed sensing system to indicate to you when another vehicle enters your blind spot, letting you take whatever precautionary steps might be helpful based on your knowledge. Like Blind Spot Detection, Rear Cross-traffic Alert can survey the area behind your car in order to identify the presence of another car about to cross your path and warn you of its presence.
Vehicle Dynamics Control with Active Torque Vectoring.jpg

Vehicle Dynamics Control with Active Torque Vectoring

Add to these powerful safety systems Vehicle Dynamics Control, which is able to evaluate your speed, turning angles, and more to tell when your steering direction and brake speed are in tension. If the Legacy decides that they are, then the car automatically acts to harmonize them, thereby doing its utmost to ensure your stability at high speeds while also optimizing your traction. Needless to say, this is especially beneficial when you're driving in adverse conditions or dangerous mountain terrains.
Advanced Protection System.jpg

Advanced Protection System

Along with its other safety systems, the Legacy is also equipped with one of the most sophisticated airbag assemblages o the market today. Not only will you get get sensor-deployed front airbags, front seat side pelvis/torso air bags, and side curtain airbags, but you'll even have even driver's knee airbags, to ensure maximum protection on the open road.
Tire Pressure Monitoring System.jpg

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

And then there's the Legacy's Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which allows you to keep tabs on the status of your tires without ever requiring that you leave the comfort of the Legacy's cabin. With this systems, you're going to be able to determine whether your tires are in the best possible shape while hurtling down the highway, thereby saving you time and ensuring your continuing comfort.
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