You know that the roads around the Roaring Fork Valley can be a challenge in any season, so you chose a Subaru to give you a leg up. But even with the superior design and capability of Subaru Symmetrical AWD in your corner, there are some things you need to do to prepare yourself and your vehicle as the seasons change. Use our guide to help you get ready and enjoy more of what you bought your Subaru for worry-free.

Prepare Your Subaru for Winter


Winter driving in the Roaring Fork Valley can be dangerous, particularly if you don't prep your car to handle the ice, snow, and cold. Bringing your car in for service before the weather hits will keep you safe and make certain your Subaru is ready for whatever the season brings:

  • Consider Winter/All-Season Tires
  • Check Tire Tread
  • Check and Refill Fluids as Needed
  • Inspect Brakes and Replace Pads if Needed
  • Have the Battery Tested
  • Replace Wiper Blades with Those Made for Winter Use
  • Check the Oil and Filter and Replace as Needed
  • Adjust Tire Pressure

Taking care of these services yourself or allowing a certified tech to do it for you will ensure that you and your car weather the rugged winter driving season just fine. To schedule your service visit, or to get the replacement parts you need to prepare your vehicle yourself, give us a call or drop by the service center at Glenwood Springs Subaru today. We can also answer any questions you have and explore our service features like the Subaru EyeSight technology.

Prepare Your Subaru for Summer


Summer sun and fun can bring with it extreme temperatures, smoky haze, and lots of time on the road. To get your Subaru ready for all that summer has to offer, have your service specialists check the following:

  • Inspect the Tires
  • Clean and Check the A/C System
  • Check and Refill Fluid Levels
  • Inspect Brakes and Brake Pads
  • Check and Replace Cabin and Engine Filter as Needed
  • Check and Change Wipers
  • Test Vehicle Battery

Taking care of these tasks ensure your vehicle is ready for that summer road trip when you are.

Prepare Your Subaru for Spring or Fall


Spring and fall bring wet weather, cool temperatures, and new driving challenges to Glenwood Springs. You can make sure you and your Subaru are ready to meet them head-on by having these services performed first:

  • Inspect Tire Tread, Pressure, and Condition
  • Check Wheel Alignment
  • Check and Adjust Vehicle Suspension and Alignment
  • Check and Verify Lights are Working inside and Out
  • Check Fluid Levels and Fill as Needed
  • Inspect and Clean Heating and Cooling System
  • Check and Replace Wipers if Needed
  • Inspect Braking System and Service as Needed

Handling these tasks will help to prepare you for, and help you recover from, the harsh winter weather and the damage it can do to your vehicle.


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