Furry Friends

Keep bringing your Furry Friends to your locally owned and operated Subaru Dealership!!!
We'll always have a treat for them!!

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Here is Bella.  She's a lucky Corgi that received a new frisbee during our 2015 new Outback and Legacy party. 


Here we have Victoria (Toria).  This feisty little French Bulldog is quite popular up in Aspen.  Her owner has many doggy sitters that are more than happy to care for Toria when she's out of town. On the right we have Jewell.  Jewell loves her new Subaru!!!  Subaru's are dog tested and dog approved!!!:)

LOL!  Checkout Hugo (left)!!  Hugo is an American Staffordshire Terrier.  He's an amazing dog with a great temperament; as if his nonchalant pose didn't already show this;)  On the right is Lundy!  Her breed is a King Kavaler; I think she's more of a Princess Kavaler!!:) Come to Glenwood Springs Subaru and don't forget your Furry Friend!!! 
Meet Otto (left)!  He loves treats and is one of the furriest Furry Friends that has come to visit.  On the right is Cisco.  Surprisingly, he's a boxer mix that's pretty chill!  Here he's showing us one of his pearly whites for a treat:)


Check out this little guy on the left named Spock!  He's super friendly, cuddly, has great hearing and likes to stick his tongue out at the camera!! :).  On the right is Rio.  Rio is a regular and can be seen below in the service department.  Rio behaves real well with a Subee Snack. 
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Here is Nya (left).  Nya loves Subaru's and this was Nay's first time visiting!!  On the right is Lucita.  Lucita is actually a fishing pro!!

Here's a couple good looking Saint Bernards named Elle and Hannah.  Please bring your Furry Friends to Subaru to get posted on our Furry Friends Page!!!  We will always have a treat, bowl of water and possibly heavy petting waiting for them:) 


On the Left is Rio!  On the Right is Henry! Both dogs are very intelligent and full of energy.  Henry really likes swimming and doggy daycare.  

On the left is Derby.  Derby loves hiking and the right is Galen. Galen is a seasoned traveler in her Subaru Wagon.

Left we have Nala, part wolf mix with snow camouflage. Right we have Della.

On the left we have Jackson and Pepper.  Pepper is a little cranky because she want's a haircut.  On the right is Goldie.  Sweet 8 month old Golden Doodle. 

On the left is River the rambunctious.  On the right we have Sadie and Tracker.  We love our furry visitors!!

Meet Kora on the left.  Kora is very active and helps wildlife management for the golf course.  Official title is Geese Chaser.  On the right is George.  George is 1/2 human and 1/2 lazy...lol.

On the left we have Oski modeling in front of our accessories.  This is a rare photo, for Oski is hardly ever this clean.  On the right we have the oldest Subaru Furry Friend to have come and visti, her name is Savannah!  Keep bringing your Furry Friends in!  Savannah is 14 yrs and counting!

Above left; "hanging out" is Charlie...lol.  On the right we have Rio!!  Rio is a French Bulldog that is spunky, but chill.

Above left is Otis.  Sweet puppy face!!  On the right we have Duke!  He's our 3rd Dog named Duke :)

Above left if Atlas!  He's a world travler and quite energetic.  On the right is Nesti with her owner hanging out in front of the Subaru Dealership on a beautiful November day.  Nesti means Bear in Russian.

Airedales again!!  Here are Flynn and Bliss hanging out in their Subaru.

Here's Boo!!!

Above left is Sailor and we actually got Cienna (on the Right) to sit for a pic!!

Above left is Bella!  On the right is Bapu!  Keep bringing your Furry Friends to come visit!!!

Above is Lucy!!  Don't forget to bring your FURRY FRIENDS to Glenwood Springs Subaru!!!

Above Left is Angus (He looks pretty ferrrocious!!), to the Right is Avalanche (with Summer cut).
Here's Elliot on the Left and Ryot the Great Dane on the Right!!!
Here's Santos above left.  He's licking his chops from eating a doggy biscuit!  To the Right is Daisy.
Bring your Furry Friend(s) in today for a free treat and get posted on our Furry Friends page!

Here are a couple of beautiful Airedales!  They want to go for a ride in their new Subaru they just bought from Mike Edwards!!!

Above is Molly.  These pics were about a year ago in May 2011 when we first opened up the Subaru Dealership.  She's pretty vicious!!!


Here's Trigger to the left and on the right is Trigger and Molly attacking Lambkins.

Here is Daisy (left) and Edye on the right.


Above left is Rosco the Racoon, yep he's a Furry Friend that got stuck in the dumpster.  Our Parts/Service Director Justin had to put a pallet in there so the little fella could crawl out...lol.  On the right we have Reka, Stephanie's Dog; silly Reka thinks she can drive a Subee.

Above left is Ella and little Kirby is on the right.

Above left is Leala and on the right are two other Black Labs!


Above is another Furry Friend that was just passing through the Service Department (left).  On the right we have Jewel!

Here's Sufi!  Don't forget to bring your Furry Friend(s) when you come visit the store and ask us to take a picture to show off on your website!!!

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