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When you purchase a car, there are additional fees and taxes you'll have to pay in addition to the sticker price. Read on to learn more about these different fees and how we at Glenwood Springs Subaru have a "No Hidden Fees" policy - everything at our dealership is priced transparently, and we never, ever mislead our customers with opaque agreements and contracts. Explore our exclusive financing offers to see how affordable a new Subaru can be. Subaru also offers global incentives designed to give you the best deal possible.

Car Dealership Fees

When you shop for a new vehicle at the typical car dealership, you'll often encounter lots of hidden fees and haggling that makes the buying process a pain. At Glenwood Springs Subaru, we strive to provide the exact opposite type of experience through transparency, a consultative approach to the purchasing process, and helping Vail drivers get the best deal possible.

Car Dealership Taxes

In the state of Colorado, customers who purchase a vehicle must pay taxes and other fees. After all, if there's one thing in life that's certain, that's taxes. In Colorado, you'll have to pay registration fees based on the empty weight and classification of the vehicle, ownership taxes depending on a variety of factors, and additional factors that may be applicable to you depending on the situation. Payment for these taxes and registration fees may be made with cash at your local County Motor Vehicle office or with credit cards in most counties.

What to Look for When Buying a Car

When you're buying a car, there are a couple of very important factors you should keep in mind as you do your shopping. First, you'll want to understand the cost to repair a vehicle if you're dealing with a non-operable current vehicle. Sometimes, it's cheaper to scrap it and start over. You'll want to avoid costs with higher insurance costs, EPA emissions test issues, and - perhaps most importantly - the total cost of ownership.

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