Are you having trouble starting your vehicle? If it won't start, there's a chance that you need to jump start your car battery. Follow this helpful guide on how to properly jump start a car from Glenwood Springs Subaru. If you feel your battery is nearing the end of its life, make a trip to our Grand-Junction-area dealership for a replacement.

The Proper Way to Jump Start a Car

First, you will need a set of jumper cables and another vehicle. You do have the option of using a jump start car service like AAA. Once you have that ready to go, follow these simple steps:

  • Have the car with the good battery park facing the other vehicle, then make sure that the vehicle is turned off. Check to make sure both parking brakes are engaged.
  • Open both hoods and find the batteries. You may need to remove a plastic hood to expose the battery terminals.
  • Identify the positive and negative terminals. Make sure they're clean and free of any corrosion.
  • Connect the red clamp to the positive post on the dead battery.
  • Uncoiling the battery cable, hook the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the battery with the charge.
  • Connect the black clamp to the negative post on the good battery. 
  • For the final clamp, connect it to an unpainted metal surface on the car's frame.
  • Once everything is hooked up securely, start the engine of the vehicle with the good battery first, then the one with the dead battery.
  • Once the dead vehicle has been jump-started, carefully remove the jumper cables in the reverse order that they were placed on, then shut off the car that was used to help jump start the dead car.
  • Keep the engine running on the restarted vehicle for at least 10 minutes to ensure that the weak battery doesn't die again right away. Consult your owner's manual for more info on recommended times.

More Battery Tips and Tricks

Your car not jump-starting is a sign that a battery replacement may be needed, or the issue is more serious. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue:

  • If you try and start the car, but all you hear is a clicking sound, then the starter may not be functioning. Schedule service at Glenwood Springs Subaru near Vail for a replacement.
  • If the electrical systems of the car turn on, but the engine fails to turn over, the problem can be a number of things. The ignition switch, battery, starter, or a fuse could be the problem. It's worth bringing your vehicle to the service center at Glenwood Springs Subaru so they can diagnose the issue.
  • Be sure to keep your vehicle running for a while after getting the jump. This allows the battery to fully recharge after it's been drained.

Turn to Glenwood Springs Subaru for Service

Whether you need help with a new battery or an oil change, we are here to help! Our service center is located just a short trip from Grand Junction, so stop by today or contact us with any questions. Don't forget to check out our service specials and Subaru CPO warranty coverage so you can save on your next visit to Glenwood Springs Subaru!