Concerned that your credit score could keep you from buying a car in Glenwood Springs? Guaranteed car financing may be an option. Most auto loans come from banks, who typically place a lot of weight on an applicant's credit score. However, you may be able to find guaranteed auto financing at a dealership near Vail. What does guaranteed financing mean? It's a financing option that involves taking out an auto loan from your dealership, rather than the bank. 

As opposed to looking primarily at your credit score, your dealership will consider a variety of factors. Keep in mind that "guaranteed" doesn't mean that 100% of applicants will be approved. That said, it does mean that you're much more likely to be approved for a loan. Below, we'll outline your options when it comes to "guaranteed car financing near me," and more.

Where Can I Find Guaranteed Car Financing Near Me?

Many Grand Junction drivers aren't sure, "what's the best option for guaranteed car financing near me?" Fortunately, a majority of dealerships offer guaranteed financing! Just look for your local Glenwood Springs or Vail dealership. If you're shopping for a new or used Subaru, we're happy to work with you on a guaranteed financing deal here at Glenwood Springs. Reach out to our financing experts for more info about guaranteed financing, and more ways to save money on your next car with programs like Guaranteed Trade-In.

Building Credit with In-House Financing

Financing a car is a valuable opportunity to rebuild damaged credit. As you continue to make timely payments, your dealership will report to major credit bureaus -- causing your credit score to go up. Get started today with a financing application!

What Do I Need to Apply for Guaranteed Financing?

To be approved for a loan, you need to assure the lender that your current financial situation is stable enough that you can make payments on time. The more documentation you can bring to prove financial stability, the better. Showing the following to your lender can improve your chance for approval:

  • Proof of employment
  • Proof of pre-tax monthly income of about $1,500 to $2,000
  • A 10% down payment on the vehicle
  • A personal list of references

Discover New Financing Opportunities in Glenwood Springs!

At Glenwood Springs Subaru, our goal is for you to drive home in the pre-owned or new Subaru vehicle that best fits your lifestyle, driving habits, and budget. We're proud to offer special incentives for Vail-area drivers. "Where can I find guaranteed car financing near me on a new Subaru crossover?" If you're asking, we've got answers! Get in touch with our friendly staff today.