Rooftop Tents

Tepui Tents

Glenwood Springs Subaru is the Best Place for Tepui Tents on the Western Slope!

At our Subaru dealership in Glenwood Springs, we take pride in providing versatile, sporty vehicles to adventurers from all over Colorado.  Sure, Subaru makes cars and SUVs that are certain to keep your family and friends safe during city driving and everyday commutes. But to truly get the most out of your Subaru, you need to drive off the beaten path and take in all that nature has to offer. That's why Glenwood Springs Subaru is the only authorized retailer of Tepui Tents on the Western Slope. We're here to supply our customers with the best, long-lasting roof top tents so they're prepared for every journey!

Tepui Tents are fast and easy to set up, offer better wind and rain protection than conventional tents and keep you elevated and away from dangerous animals. They offer better views and ventilation, stay cleaner than ground tents and cost much less than a caravan, trailer or motorhome! Tepui Tents truly represent the best of all worlds for Colorado adventurers who want a high-quality, mobile tent that's perfect for every terrain, and Tepui Tents look great perched atop Subaru vehicles.

To learn more about the Tepui Tent models we have available and which ones will work best with our various Subaru cars and SUVs, get in touch with Glenwood Springs Subaru today!