If you notice your vehicle starting to quiver when you come to a stop, there could be several problems. Maybe you feel the shaking in the steering wheel or the brake pedal on your Glenwood Springs commute. There are multiple reasons why your vehicle trembles while breaking. The Glenwood Springs Subaru service center is discussing the three most common factors.

Brake Rotors

The number one reason for a shaking car is damaged or warped brake rotors. Brake rotors work together with the brake pads to stop the wheels from spinning. As rotors age, they will get thinner and thinner from normal wear and tear, which makes them prone to damage. Excessive heat generated during braking can also warp the rotors, which causes the brake pads to slip and create a quivering sensation, more than likely in the brake pedal.

Brake rotors typically get replaced by 70,000 miles. However, because of climate conditions and driving conditions, they can be done sooner.


Another potential reason your car trembles when braking is your tires. If the tires are out of alignment or getting old, your suspension is forced to work harder to keep everything balanced. Hitting a curb or pothole in Grand Junction could alter the alignment. When this happens, you will feel a struggle in the steering wheel.

Tire alignment happens during a tire rotation, every 5,000 miles. Refer to your owner's manual for tire service intervals.

Steering and Suspension Components

If there is a problem with your steering or suspension systems, you will most likely feel shaking when braking as well as when you drive. There are times when a damaged part, like an axle shaft, can cause issues when your vehicle is coming to a stop.

Typically, the suspension system components get checked during a tire rotation.

How to Fix a Wobbling Car

There are many reasons why your car trembles while braking, so it's essential to have your vehicle inspected by a Subaru-trained mechanic to locate and fix the problem efficiently. If you notice an issue with your brakes or you need help learning how to jump start a carschedule a service appointment with Glenwood Springs Subaru right away. Explore our available service specials so you can save on your next visit.